Dating Tips For Australian Adults Living With Herpes

Living with HSV (herpes simplex virus) changes many things for an adult. The anxiety, guilt, and embarrassment of being diagnosed with herpes end up affecting intimate relationships even before you know it. Truth be told, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. While everything you may feel is normal and common, that should never stop you from living your life, finding your love, and exploring your potential. 

Dating with herpes isn’t as challenging as it seems. Every single day, many herpes positives around Australia get to meet, connect and create normal, romantic relationships thanks to online herpes dating sites, despite HSV-1 or HSV-2- so your dating life is not over. 

However, when you are out there seeking a partner in Australia with whom you can trust, love, and have a worthwhile relationship then there are certain HSV dating tips that you should consider, and this article explains them all. 

5 Essential Tips To Consider When Dating With Herpes 

In the beginning, dating with herpes may feel a bit strange but if you are thinking about taking things forward or are sure about being sexually intimate with your partner, then here are the tips to consider:

#1. Start by Educating Yourself About Herpes

 The more you know about herpes the better. In fact, this is the first step of normalizing the condition, where you get to know about what is herpes, the early symptoms of HSV, when to seek treatment, how to prevent the spread of the STD, professional herpes dating help, and are there any therapies that can eliminate the outbreak of the virus. 

#2. Stay Transparent With Your Date

Transparency is the key when dating with herpes. The conversation has to happen either before or after you’ve planned to have a sexual relationship. So, do your part by being direct and positive about it. 

For instance, you can start telling about your condition in a way similar to “I value our relationship. Yet, I’m doubtful of where we are headed still, this journey seems exciting to you. I would love to take things step-by-step, and at the moment I find it important to convey this part of my sexual health”. 

Just have the courage to speak about HSV dating using words that you are comfortable with and listen to their response. 

#3. Ask Your Date About Their Sexual Health

Once you’ve started the ice-breaker conversation by discussing your sexual health, you can proceed and ask about the status of your partner. Are they HSV-positive? In a common dating setting, you may find singles who are not herpes positive yet are willing to be with someone like you. 

On the other hand, if you are dating people with herpes, encourage them, ask about their story, and how life has been after diagnosis, and show your affection and let them know that it’s normal and there is nothing to be afraid of. 

#4. Always practice safe physical intimacy 

Though people with herpes shed the virus for a certain period, yet risks involved cannot be overlooked. This is the reason why 100% sexual protection is a must with a new partner. Moreover, other STDs exist too, so you would never want to put your health at stake. 

#5. Never Be Afraid of Emotional Intimacy

It’s alright to have an honest and open conversation that might seem scary in the beginning. The idea is to relax, keep calm and recognize that Aussie herpes dating does not have to be centered only on the viral infection. 

As a human, you are prone to experiencing so many things that can take a toll on your mental health while leaving you to struggle with the discomfort and pain of outbreaks. If the conversation strikes an emotional note, don’t avoid the discussion; say what you are willing to share and realize that anyone who humiliates and disdains is never worth it to you.